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Hey there, I’m Dallin. And over the past decade I’ve had the chance to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders share their stories. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that...
A Well-crafted Story is the Most Powerful Force in the World
It has the power to build credibility, change minds, inspire ideas, create emotion, and even grow your business. 

When your prospective customers, clients, and followers understand WHO you are and WHERE you’ve come from, it suddenly becomes MUCH easier for them to know, love, and trust you. 

Walls and barriers that may have been up start to fall because they’ve connected with you, person-to-person. To show you what I mean, let me tell you about...
The Oprah Effect
Oprah Winfrey is considered to be one of the most well-known, well-loved, and influential people in the world. 

When she speaks, people listen. When she recommends a book, people buy and read it. When she talks about a product, people start using it. And when she endorses a person, people immediately trust them. 

Researchers call it “The Oprah Effect,” and regardless of how you may feel about Oprah, the effect is a powerful example of the impact that can come with Influence.
But How Did She Do It?
She shared her personal story on her television show, and invited everyone watching to join her on her journey. 

Viewers shared in her successes, like when she was nominated for an Oscar. And they shared in her sorrow and frustration, like when she struggled to keep off the weight she’d lost.

As a result, she became a guide for others because she was a person they could relate to. She inspired her viewers to create their best lives, regardless of what life looked like at that particular moment. By sharing her personality and her personal story, viewers became emotionally connected to her and even now, still feel like she has positively impacted their lives. 
Sheri Salata
Former Exec Producer, 
The Oprah Winfrey Show
Your Followers Want That Experience From YOU Too
And You Can Create It By Sharing Your Unique Origin Story 
If you’re not already familiar with an “Origin Story,” it’s basically the “Why” behind your business. It’s the story that’s at the root of everything you do and who you are. It illustrates your own personal story, including the challenges you’ve already overcome.

You may not even realize which story that is right now, and that’s totally fine. 

But I’d bet money that you have one. And that it’s MUCH more powerful than you realize. 

These stories share the moments that go past where you’re just making money. They paint a picture of who you are as a person. They qualify you as leaders and experts in your industries. And they turn you into the “guides” who is uniquely prepared to mentor your followers to success. 

And when you share that story in a short documentary video format, you’re able to develop faster and deeper relationships with your prospects and followers than anything I’ve ever experienced. 

It’s almost like you become a little bit like Oprah. And as your unique Origin Story Video plays on computer screens, phones, and tablets around the world, you create connections without even trying. With a compelling story and worldwide reach, it’s no surprise when you end up in a place like Forbes. 
"I was blown away by the quality of the work as well as the story telling. [Dallin] put together a brand story that would resonate with my audience...It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes."
Julie Stoian
VP of Marketing, ClickFunnels
There is a story you have within you that people are aching to hear. When you do, they’ll finally feel understood. They’ll connect to you on a deeper level than you probably realize right now. And they’ll know you are a person worth following. 
Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Impacting the World
Everyone has a story worth sharing. But after working to help hundreds of business people share theirs, I started to notice every story was not the same. Some people’s stories captivated and inspired entire companies. While others seemed to fall flat. 

It wasn’t the story that wasn’t powerful. These were amazing people with inspiring stories. But because of fear, imposter syndrome, or a focus on the wrong details, their personal story and their message fell flat. 

On the other hand, the people who had stories that soared had intentionally crafted their story in a specific way so it could impact as many people as possible. 
How Long Will It Take You To Own Your Story And Build A Brand You’re Proud Of?
You deserve to feel confident in your message and your marketing. 

You deserve to be able to sell more, serve more, create more, and grow your business...without spending a ton of extra time doing it. 

You deserve to be able to grow your business in a sustainable way WITHOUT feeling constantly overwhelmed and overworked. 
Let Me Help You Win. 
You Don’t Need to Worry About Anything. 
Throughout the whole process, there’s only 1 thing you need to do, and that’s show up for your Story Discovery Session. I’ll take care of everything else from start to finish.

I look forward to meeting you on our call and can’t wait to hear, and help you share your story. 
- Dallin Nead
Here's how the service breaks down...
Story Development
My team and I walk you through our signature Origin Story Framework to identify the most impactful pieces. We also plan the filming and publishing strategy with you in our first call.
Video Production
We book 1 day in your schedule within a month where myself or a team member will film a beautifully, cinematic interview and lifestyle footage with family, friends, and locations relevant to your story.
Edit And Publish
We then prepare a 3-5 minute documentary film about your origin story. With mini-versions for Facebook and Instagram. We also make sure we revise the video until your 100% happy and implement our plan to get your dream results.
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  •  You're not willing to handover creative direction to my team and I to do what we're great at - create and publish storytelling videos with emotion and results.
  •  You don't understand the value of storytelling for your business, especially for you own.
  •  You care more about making money over influencing and serving others (legacy-focused). Yes, making it rain will happen but that's not our motivation, that's just an outcome.
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